Make Life Meaningful

We are given one life. It is up to each of us as individuals to make sure that the one life we are given is meaningful. We are to dream the impossible and try daily to attain those things that seem beyond our reach. Our dreams as youth become the fuel for our vision as adults. Many times our circumstances may lead to choices that cause obstacles along our paths, but it is always a choice to give up or keep striving.

“Negative patterns prevent us from fulfilling our dreams & cause us to abort our purpose until we eventually die with the seeds of massive potential still locked up within us” – C. Trim

How effective is potential that is never seen? How much meaning does your life have if all of your hopes and dreams die with you? Choose today to positively impact everyone whose path you cross. Choose today to see the silver lining in all things. Choose today to believe in yourself and your ability to be GREAT!!!

Everything that you will ever NEED to create a dynamic life;  has been made available to you. It is up to you to exert your power and ability in finding the things that will propel you toward your goals. Opportunity rarely ever knocks on your door, but it will present itself to you if you are out working your life!….

The thing that makes my life meaningful is helping others to see just how DYNAMIC and RESILIENT they are. I find meaning in building others up and watching them become great and aspire others.

What makes your life meaningful? Do you know? Do you have a plan? Are you ready to make the decision to make your today’s better than your yesterday’s? “You are always one decision away from living the life of your dreams”!!!!!!!!!


What Leads to Financial Security

The following is an area of concern provided anonymously in the Enlightenment Discussions box:

“Why is it that many people think just because they have a Degree or Degrees; they are financially secure, when they aren’t even working for what they went to school for. Education does not guarantee FINANCIAL SECURITY. Going to School is designed for having information. There are thousands in this world that are over qualified for jobs; and more that have Degrees who are unemployed and can not get a Job after College. What Job a person has today can be gone the next with the many Budget cuts & layoffs that go on. Having a Secure Financial Future means that you are in Total control of how much you make,when you make it,& How you make it. Becoming an Entrepreneur and Having your own Business & being your own Boss puts you in control”.  – Male, Entrepreneur

First, let me say THANK YOU for your question and your insight. I see that you have found your entrepreneurial drive!!

As an entrepreneur, you must also be aware of the difficulties that come with the territory. Yes, you are your own boss and you are in charge of determining your salary.You are working towards building  a business of your own,  a legacy, a brand, and unlimited possibilities. Given all of that, you must be willing to sacrifice and work your business as hard as you can. It takes knowledge, will power, support, and dedication to run your own business. Unfortunately, I have found others that weren’t completely prepared or successful with their entrepreneurial attempts discouraged other’s from doing so. It is easier for some to have a job and know what date their paycheck is coming; than it is for one to start a business and face the unknown while generating an income.

I do believe that every person has a skill or  idea  they can utilize to become an entrepreneur. I also believe that many people do not believe that being an entrepreneur is possible for them. We live in a society that tells us we need education to make it. That same society tells us that with out a job and an education we are destined for poverty. How many times does a person have to hear that to believe it? How many things must a person depend on for the hope of security? How many jobs did you have before becoming an entrepreneur? The most important thing that you can do at this point is not tell them how much is wrong with what they are doing, but motivate; educate; and encourage them to tap into their entrepreneurial drive. Before you can do anything; you must believe you can do it; and prepare for the task.

There is nothing wrong with having a job or going to school,however, I firmly believe that you should also use that job/knowledge as a vehicle to fulfill your dreams. If you can wake up and go to work everyday to help someone else build their business; then you should also dedicate an hour or two to building your own.

FINANCIAL SECURITY means more than having a job or owning your own business. Financial Security means being able to meet your day-to-day needs (and wants) now and in the future. Obtaining the financially secure status takes PLANNING how to appropriate funds; SAVING enough to be prepared for emergencies; and INVESTING money in ways that make it grow. Financial security is not guaranteed to anyone, UNLESS, they are taking the necessary steps to achieve it.


My Favorite Teacher

The following is a short essay that i was required to write in my “Ethics of Teaching” class this Spring semester. I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment because it allowed me to reflect on past memories. I am also excited because after writing this essay, I was able to reunite with the teacher I wrote about. I firmly believe that it was not just by chance. I always share my experiences because I believe they have the power to inspire others…… I hope you enjoy.

My Favorite Teacher


Before I can write about my favorite teacher, I have to give minimal insight about myself as a youth. I was taken from my mother at a very young age due to physical abuse claims. I was moved to Greensboro to be raised by my grandmother, and grew up in a public housing community. I was the youngest in the house; however, I did have an aunt who was six years older than me living in the house. I did not know my father until I was 18. I did not have a solid relationship with my mother. I was an outcast to my great grandmother because I was too dark in complexion. I grew up with a lot of anger and a very nasty attitude. I made good grades in class, but I did not get along well with authority figures or adults who I felt were being demeaning.

When I was in the sixth grade, I was assigned to Jackson Middle School. It was there were I ran across the first adult who seemed to care about me beyond just being a “pupil”. Her name was Mrs. Hunt. She worked hard to do a great job at teaching us all. If a student had and academic problems she would always go above and beyond to assist them in improving in those areas. If a student had a behavioral problem, she would first let the student know she was not going to allow us to disrespect her or ourselves; and then she would teach us the importance of believing in ourselves and our abilities. Mrs. Hunt would teach us about upstanding African American men and women from our communities and she would tell us that we were capable of excellence. I have had several teachers who stressed the importance of having knowledge and skill, however, Mrs. Hunt was the only one that stressed the importance of loving yourself. Mrs. Hunt earned the title of “my favorite teacher” due to the life lessons she instilled in me that proved to be “LIFE SAVING” in my teen years.

            Mrs. Hunt was a wife and mother of two children. At that time, the children were younger than me; but it was no surprise to see her son running for a spot on the city council last year. If I am not mistaken, her son is a graduate of NCAT also. Mrs. Hunt was not only an excellent teacher; she was an awesome role model. After leaving Jackson at the end of my sixth grade year, I attended 2 more middle schools before getting my behavior under control. I always held dear the things Mrs. Hunt taught me, but I still harnessed a lot of anger inside for many people. I had difficulties that remained with fighting, but I was no longer disrespectful to teachers. Anytime that I would even try to be disrespectful to a teacher, I would hear Mrs. Hunt’s voice reminding me that type of behavior was unacceptable.

I had many unresolved issues that led to my behaviors, but there is nothing that felt better than having an outsider (non-family member) show you love; and teach you morals and principles. She was not obligated to treat any of us as special as she did. She was not given any extra money to tutor children. She was not given any monetary stipend to go above and beyond, she just loved us and wanted to see us succeed. I lost contact with her after leaving Jackson, but I saw her once at a church I was visiting. She had been remarried and at least 16 years had passed, but she still remembered me and showed me just as much love as she did years before.

By the time I was in the tenth grade, I was pregnant with my first child. I was emancipated at the age of 16; and I went on to learn many lessons regarding life. I count it as a blessing that Mrs. Hunt was put on my path as a youth because she planted some seeds in my life that proved to be very important. Those seeds eventually bloomed into some very dynamic qualities in me. She is also one of the reasons I mentor young girls now. I know what it is like to not have anyone believe in you or view you as important; and know I how imperative it is to have that person in your life. Sometimes it can be the difference needed to become excellent!

Self Identity

On November 2, 2011 I made the following statement:

“When you stop looking at & wanting what everyone else has; then you can get what is for you. you never know what the next person has gone through or had to endure to be where they are. long story short… Do NOT xerox your identity, DISCOVER it”.

People constantly make the error of comparing their life to that of another. That comparison is dangerous. We have come to the realization that we are all unique. Our personalities; our likes and dislikes; our beliefs; and our desires are all unique to each of us as individuals. That individuality is what makes us great; and it is what makes us each special in our own right. So why is it that we mold and shape our lives based on the lives of others? Why do we strive to make our husbands act like our neighbors husband? Why do we strive to have our children emulate the children of our friends? Why do we spend our lives pretending to be somebody that we are not?

the American Heritage Dictionary defines Self Identity as:

1. Oneness of a thing with itself

2. awareness of and identification with oneself as a separate individual

3. the conscious recognition of the self as having an unique identity

So, if you live your life imitating the life of another, what does that say about your SELF IDENTITY?

We are all capable of creating an excellent life for ourselves. The only way we can do that is by discovering the greatness of SELF, not merely copying the actions of another. I am not saying that is wrong to have others that you admire, I have several hero’s and heroines that I have had a great impact on my life. I look at their success and I let it motivate me, but I do not make comparisons that cause me to lose focus or gratitude. I understand that although our outcomes can be similar; our paths will be different. I focus on learning more about myself as an individual, and what it will take for me to create the life of my dreams. Knowing yourself makes you whole and it give you a more level playing field to accomplish your goals. We are all different for a reason!!!

Tap into the uniqueness and beauty of YOU and share it with the world. DISCOVER YOU!!!!

Divine Timing & Opportunities


There is a biblical scripture in #Ecclesiastes 3:1 that says: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

#Planning and #preparation, #goalsetting, and #decisionmaking (choices) are all factors that have the ability to alter opportunities that come available to each one of us.

We are constantly one #decision away from  living the life of our dreams. Missing opportunities and divine timing by making bad #choices would be detrimental to success.

“1. Doing nothing with your time is atrophy & death.

2. Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time is ignorance.

3. Doing the wrong thing at the right time is a disaster.

4. Doing the right thing at the wrong time is a mistake.

5. Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time  with the wrong people is failure.

6. Doing the right thing at the right time with the wrong people is frustration.

7. Dong the wrong thing at the wrong time with the right people is confusion.

8. Doing the right thing at the right time with the right people is #strategic and its going to #guarantee #SUCCESS” -Pastor Trimm

#Daily we must #strive to be in #proper #alignment to prevent missing #opportunities as they are presented. Choosing the right people in our lives; places we go; and actions we take all determine our outcome.
There is an age old addage that says “your #network determines your networth” and that is extremely true. Every choice we make in the present moment affects the future. So let’s stay in #alignment! Let’s build #excellent networks.  Most importantly let’s make choices that are in alignment with accomplishing our #goals and the will of God for or lives. -Cyatta Siler

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